Friday, September 28, 2012


Hey everyone!!

Bling out your nails to create the ultimate fun and sparkly nails!! They are so  easy and so fun to do!!


Step 1  : Apply a base coat to protect your nails and prevent them from staining.

Step 2  : Apply 2 coats of a silver (or gold if you want) nail polish, and before it dries, quickly place rhinestones of different colour or same colour as per your choice all over your nails.

Step 3  : Finish off with a very good top coat to protect your designs and prevent the stones from falling off.

Ant that's it.. you're ready to rock those nails!!

Here's a picture of my nails taken in sunlight without any editing :

TIP :  To remove this design, i suggest you apply some nail polish remover on cotton and press on your nails for some time, then once the nail polish has softened a little, pick out the stones manually, and then wipe off the remaining polish with some remover.

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  1. love this one! i too have a nail art channel!

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  3. I love this kinda bling so much!