Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pink and black konad nail art with Rhinestone

Hey !! This design may look complicated, but its totally easy once you master your konad skills!!

Can be done on long or short nails!!

Procedure  :

Step 1  : Apply a base coat to protect your nails and prevent them from staining.

Step 2  : Apply pink (or any other colour you prefer) nail polish diagonally , at around 2/3rd of your nails. You can also use a cellophane tape to mark off the required area. (If your not sure how to do with the cellophane tape, details steps are given in the patchwork tutorial)

Step 3  : Next , after the pink has dried, using black konad special nail polish and konad plate no. m45, print the netted design along the diagonal of the nail polish. Try to align it as much as possible, but dont worry, it doesn't have to be perfect, we will be correcting the edge.

Step 4  : Now, using regular black polish or acrylic paint and a thin brush, draw a line along the upper and lower sides of the net to even it out.

Step 5  : Apply a tiny drop of clear nail polish at the bottom of the nail, at the opposite corner of the diagonal.

Step 6  : You can finish it at this stage, or if you want to fill in the top portion, you can stamp on some other small designs from your konad plates. Here I have used plates : m3 and m2.

Step 7  : Finally finish off with a top coat to seal your design and rhinestone :)

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